Charm City Sampler

Our 2017 sampler has been released.

If you are interested in being a part of Charm City Sampler 2018, check back in June 2018 and email us to be notified:



Great songs, quality production

Of course we want good songs that are recorded well. Please submit songs that are under 5 minutes long and free of profanity or offensive material. If your song is chosen, we will need a CD or full-quality WAV files - no MP3s for the final master.

Bands/artists actively playing shows in the Baltimore Area

We want to give this promotional opportunity to bands that can benefit the most, and we want listeners to be able to catch the bands they hear playing at clubs nearby. Your band may be from Baltimore, or the broader region. As long as you have a presence in the area and are currently playing shows you are qualified.

Bands/artists willing and able to pitch in for the manufacturing cost

Half of the manufacturing cost is covered by local business sponsors, the other half by the bands on the compilation. We ask each accepted band to pitch in to cover it. The amount is subject to change and will be listed here when we begin accepting submissions for 2017. For many bands, the promo is worthwhile and the cost not a problem. If this is a problem or not a priority for you band, we understand and we hope you understand that we are reserving the limited space on the disc for bands who can help make this possible.